Research Team

• Professor Dean Fennell FRCP PHD, Chair of Thoracic Medical Oncology, Director Leicester Mesothelioma Research Programme
• Amy King, Mesothelioma Research Programme Manager
• Liz Darlison, Consultant Nurse

Cardiothoracic surgery/MEDUSA

• Mr Apo Nakas, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
• Alan Dawson, NIHR Clinical Research Fellow/CRUK Research Bursary Holder


• Prof. Frank Dudbridge, Chair of Statistical Genetics
• Prof. Jacqui Shaw, Chair of Translational Genomics
• Dr Ed Hollox, Reader in Genetics
• Lee Brannan, PhD Student
• Luke Martinson, PhD Student
• Jinli Luo, Bioinformatician (transcriptomics)

MiST Laboratory

Fennell Lab
• Dr Sara Busacca, Fennell, Post Doctoral Scientist
• Dr Joanna Dzialo, Explant Pharmacology Technician
• Dr Aimee Parsons , Predictive Biomarkers Technician
• Aleksandra Bzura,  British Lung Foundation PhD Student
• Nathaniel Kuse, MSc Student
• Aarti Gaba, Translational Histopathology Technician
• Dr Charlotte Poile, Translational Research Officer
• Alan Dawson, NIHR Clinical Research Fellow

Visiting research fellows (Alumni)
• Annabel Sharkey, Clinical Research Fellow (PhD Student)
• Dr Iris Chiara Salaroglio (Turin)
• Dr Qi Zhang (China)

Preclinical Collaborations
• Professor Andrew Fry, Director of Research, College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
• Professor Catrin Pritchard, Director Leicester Cancer Research Centre
• Anita Singh, PhD Student
• Professor Karen Brown
• Bethan G. Rogoyski, PhD Student

MiST Clinical Team

• Dr Harriet Walter, CRUK Clinical Trials Fellow
• Dr Margaret Hutka, Consultant Medical Oncologist
• Molly Scotland, Research Nurse
• Vina Bhundia, Data Manager
• Dr Shaun Barber, Trial Statistician, Leicester Clinical Trials Unit
Karen Lord, Clinical Nurse Specialist
• Amy Branson, Mesothelioma Research Facilitator


• Dr Cathy Richards, Consultant Histopathologist
• Peter-Wells Jordan, Senior Biomedical Scientist/Diagnostics Team Leader
• Dr John Le Quesne, senior lecturer and consultant in Diagnostic Histopathology, Programme Leader MRC Toxicology Unit

Respiratory Medicine

• Dr Mohamed Tufail, Consultant Respiratory Physician
• Dr Rakesh Panchal, Consultant Respiratory Physician


• Dr Thiagarajan Sridhar, Consultant Oncologist in Radiotherapy


• Professor Bruno Morgan, Consultant Radiologist
• Dr Dan Barnes, Consultant Radiologist
• Dr Amrita Bajaj, Consultant Radiologist
• Dr Praveen Rao, Consultant Radiologist
• Dr Jan Brozik, Consultant Radiologist


• Dr Rob Britton, Honorary Lecturer Department of Chemistry
• Becky Casson, MSc Student


• Adrian Nicholson, Clinical Trials Pharmacist
• Mohammed Karolia, Clinical Trials Pharmacist
• Julie Barlow, Clinical Trials Lead Technician
• Katherine Perkins, Clinical Trials Lead Technician